Too often, the story of Black people in America begins with enslavement. These structured conversations will delve into some of the history that goes overlooked and lay a foundation for a richer appreciation of Black History. 

Jade R. Rogers

Hi, I’m Jade!

Jade Rogers is an educator, mentor, Oral Historian, Archivist, adjunct professor at Metropolitan Community College and Iowa Western Community College in History, and I have over 20 years of teaching and have dedicated my life to the research and study of History and the Black Experience.

I am also the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the House Of Afros, Capes & Curls. HOACC strives to connect people from diverse backgrounds to build a community based on a shared love of science fiction, fantasy, comics, games, and Afro-futurism as a catalyst for building relationships and facilitating conversation. 

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Classes Meet:

Thursdays @7:00pm CDT-8:00pm CDT June 3-June 24, 2021

(other dates and times are available)

Nok Terracotta Sculptures

Jeremy Weate / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Giza, Egypt


Church of St. George, rock-cut architecture in Lalibela, Ethiopia